Event Planning Form

Your event is approaching!

To ensure I am fully prepared with all the correct details, timings and music, please complete the following form with as much detail as possible.  You will require your booking reference / contract number from your booking contract sent to you by email (also in the subject of the email booking confirmation)…

If in a hotel or public place, please provide name of location/area/room/venue
if a special version, please provide link/details
Please provide names and times of anyone making a speech
Provide full details or link
Please consider any recent funeral songs in the family or any song any guests may find upsetting. Please also consider banning team specific football songs and very cheesy requests!!!
If you have a Spotify playlist of favourite songs, please provide link.

I appreciate that was a lot of information but it’s better to cover everything I could possibly need to give me the best chance in making your special event special and one to remember for all the right reasons.  I will reply to the submission by email ASAP with acceptance so that you have a copy which you can then add to or update if required.

I look forward to meeting / seeing you and a great party 🙂