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Sound and Lighting Packages

Mixers, Sound Desks and Zoners

Yamaha MG10XU
10 Channel Mixing Console
4 Mic / 10 Line (4 mono + 3 stereo), 1 Stereo Bus, 1 Aux with FX, High Grade SPX with 24 Programs, USB Out & +48v Phantom Power.
XLR Balanced Outputs
Hire Fee €30

Mackie PROFX12
12 Channel Mixing Console
with onboard 32-bit RMFX processor with 16 Gig-Ready Reverbs, USB I/O, Precision 7 band EQ, 4 Full Stereo channels plus extra returns for keyboards, external effects or playback devices. Insert, 100Hz low cut filter and 48v Phantom power on all channels. XLR Balanced and Unbalanced 1/4 inch Main Outputs
Hire Fee €40

Mackie PROFX8
The baby brother of the PROFX12 with all the same great features but with 8 channels instead of 12
Hire Fee €30

Phonic AM85
2 mic/line inputs with 3-band EQ, 2 stereo inputs, stereo AUX return and post-fader EFX send on each input. Global 48v Phantom power, Peak and VU metering, 2T RTN assignable individually to Main or Control Room. 1/4 inch TS stereo master output
Hire Fee €10

Citronic CSP410
400w Powered mixer with balanced mic/line inputs and 2 stereo inputs, each with 3-band EQ and aux send, 24-bit 16 program DSP effects, 48V phantom power for XLR inputs, 3-band EQ per channel, 7-band global graphic EQ, Balanced main outputs, Internal stereo power amplifier. Output power @ 4 Ohms : 2 x 200Wrms, Output power : 8 Ohms : 2 x 130Wrms, Inputs : mic/line : 6 x balanced XLRF/TRS jack
Hire Fee €40

Dynacord Powermate 1000
2x 700watts/4ohm, 2x 870watts/2.6ohm, 6x mic channels, 4x mic/stereo channels, 2x 24bit stereo effect processor, 4x aux, mute switches (per channel), 7 band master EQ, feedback filter. Full specs and manual here.
Hire Fee €60

t.mix Mix 502
5-Channel Mixer with 1 Microphone input with phantom power, 2-Band EQ and balance, 2 Stereo inputs with each 2 jack inputs, Master output via 2x jack unbalanced, Additional input via RCA (2Track in/ out), Separately adjustable headphone output, External power supply.
Hire Fee €10

ART MX225 Zone Mixer
Matrix Mixer – 5 Zone mixer / distributor, Adjusts volume of multiple amplifiers or active monitors separately, Stereo/mono switch + clip and 5 segment LED on each zone, Connectors: 4x line in XLR (2x L/R), 10x XLR Out (5x L/R).
Hire Fee €20

ARX AV Stream Zone Mixer
The ARX AV Stream is a unique ‘user friendly’ Zoner/Mixer, enabling a choice of four audio and associated composite video sources to be routed to each of two zones. Unique user friendly interface, choice of 4 program sources to 2 zones, microphone control options, mic and zone EQ, Voice override function, multiple stereo inputs, balanced XLR outputs.
Hire Fee €20

DJ Consoles and Controllers

Numark Mixtrack Platinum
4‑deck/2‑channel solution with Hi-res LCD multi-function displays on each jog wheel, Dual 5-inch metal platters w/Numark-exclusive touch-capacitance response, 4-deck capability, Dedicated gain and filter knobs for each channel, Includes Prime Loops remix tool kit, Multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control and Strip Search, 16 multi-function performance pads, Multiple FX manipulation and USB Interface.
Hire Fee €40

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2
2 Channel DJ System with Built-In Phono Preamp, Built-In Sound Card, Built-In Mixer, Auto BPM Function, Autoloop, Jog Wheel Illumination & USB interface.
Hire Fee €40

Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000 NXS2 with DJM-900NXS2
Being the World’s top DJ kit available, it requires no description; if you have a DJ requesting it, they know what features are included! As much as I would love to own this kit, I simply do not have a spare 7000 Euros to be able to! However, I do have 2 associates that I can hire the set from when required, pricing varies depending on availability and as much notice as possible is required.
Hire Fee €400 ~ €500

Microphones and Headsets

Shure SM58-S8

AKG WMS40 Dual

Yahong U20 4in1 UHF

Citronic MP18UHF

t.bone TWS One

t.bone TWS One Lapel

Shure PG57

t.bone MB60 Set

Speakers and Monitors

Mackie SRM350 500w RMS
€50 (pair)

JBL Eon 615 500w RMS
€80 (pair)

MKG P15+P18 2000w RMS
€280 (pair)

Carlsboro Gamma 15 400w RMS
€40 (pair)

DAS MI-112 225w RMS
€30 (pair)

Carlsboro Alpha PM15 Monitor 200w RMS

Stage and Effects Lighting

Cameo Multi FX Bar

240/8 RGB DMX 30′
€15 each
3 for 

Wonsung 60w Robot
€30 each
4 for 

Tomshine 60w Wash
€25 each
2 for 

30w Gobo Projector
€40 inc Gobo

400mW Blue Laser

Cameo Flash Bar 150

MX-Indigo 1000 20w
€15 each
4 for 

Stairville DMX-Master I
DMX Controller with Operating up to a maximum of 12 devices with up to 16 DMX channels (192 DMX channels), 30 Banks of 8 freely programmable scenes, 240 Programmable scenes, 6 Chases with up to 240 scenes, DMX channel adjusting over 8 faders with bank switching, Scene speed adjustable over the faders, Built-in microphone for Music triggering, Continuous Fade Time setting (0-30 s) via sliders, Master Black Out.
Hire Fee €20

Showtec DJ / Lighting Switch 10F
10-Channel Switch Board with Flash Buttons, 10 Safety plugs on the back, 5 A per channel, 15 A maximum load, Fuses on the front with EU sockets
Hire Fee €15

Special Effects Machines

1300w Wireless Smoke Machine
€30 inc 2L Fluid

600w Bubble Machine
€25 inc 1L Fluid

High Output Snow Machine
€50 inc 5L Fluid

Stands, Tripods, T-Bars and Poles

Millenium BS222 Speaker Stand Set

Fun Generation  TBar Light Stand

Millenium BLS270 WindUp 50KG Stand

Millenium BS210 Stand + choice of adapter

Stageworx LB3 Lighting Truss + BLS270 Rig Set

Millenium BS2020S

MS2005 Microphone Boom Stand 
€10 each
€25 for 3

K&M Music / Orchestra Notes Stand 

Projector Screen with Tripod Stand

Laptop / Projector Tripod Stand

Desk Laptop Stand White 


Desk Laptop Stand Black


Projectors, TVs and Monitor Screens

WiMiUS Professional 1080P 6500 Lumens LED Projector

Crenova Basic 1080P 1000 Lumens LED Projector

Philips 22in LCD TV 

Asus 19in Wide LCD VGA DVI Monitor


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